Welcome to Eye-Link Minnesota! Our mission is to provide adaptive technology and related training to Minnesotans who are blind or visually impaired.

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Founded in 2000, The Eye-Link Foundation.

This technology often includes text to speech software to make using a computer easier, talking GPS’s to help with independent mobility, and mobile document readers that work on cell phones.

Founded in 2000, Eye-Link Foundation was created to provide funding resources to many visually impaired who cannot afford these costly adaptive technologies.

Your fully deductible contribution immediately impacts those in need.

Eye-Link is an all-volunteer organization, and our administrative costs are exceptionally low.
 Funding resources for vital adaptive technology are limited; and the technology is costly. Eye-Link is a unique portal to give Minnesotans experiencing uncorrectable sight loss an alternative avenue to find and acquire these life-altering tools.

Funding assistive equipment is expensive. Read below to learn more about some of the technologies needed for blind and visually impaired individuals.


Here are some of the adaptive technologies:

K-NFB Reader
 – K-NFB Reader is a handheld electronic reading device that converts photographed text into spoken audio. Through the use of the K-NFB Reader, the visually impaired can instantly make printed materials, like a menu, audible.

BrailleNote – 
BrailleNote is a specialized computer with a braille keyboard, text-to-speech synthesizer, and braille output display. BrailleNote is commonly used in work and school environments.

A – closed circuit television (CCTV) or video magnifier is a device that projects a magnified image of printed text, handwriting, and photographs onto a large monitor. CCTV helps the visually impaired to read printed materials and see what they are writing. The DaVinci, a hybrid CCTV combines the ability to boost font and character size with an optical scanner. The scanner reads the document to the user.

Job Access with Speech (JAWS) is software package to convert on-screen text elements into text-to-speech or braille display.

ZoomText Screen Magnification Software – 
ZoomText Screen Magnifier is a screen magnifier for Microsoft Windows that assists the visually impaired by increasing the size font and characters.

Desktop & Laptop Computers
 – A powerful and reliable computer is necessary to run software such as JAWS.

Trekker Breeze
 – A hand-held, mobile talking GPS, directed in walking terms, that allows independent mobility and seamless navigation.

Letters from a recent Eye-Link Minnesota grant recipients…

Eye-Link Foundation Members,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for your recent generous and kind donation. The CCTV that you provided has vastly improved his quality of life.

John, who has always been very active involved individual throughout his life, is now able to use his CCTV to read again and to see smaller part of electronic devices that he enjoys repairing for friends and family as a productive hobby.

I can tell you that I was there the day that John’s device arrived, and that the ear to ear grin on his face, and the excitement in his voice at the new possibilities of being able to do things that he never thought he’d do again was one of the greatest rewards that I have been granted in this field. John Harris is a man who has lived his life in selfless service to others, especially those less fortunate and often forgotten members of society. It is so heart warming to see some of that service giving back to him in his time of through kind agencies such as yours.

Thank you so much for your amazing contribution!

John Ulrich

Independent Living Skills Specialist

Dear Eye-Link, Minnesota,

Wow!  That is all that I  can say.  Wow!  I  am blown away by your generosity, and I  want to make you aware of how life changing your help is.


Roger, Alexandria, MN

As an individual with low vision, Roger is legally blind but can still see with powerful correction and assistance. He has adaptive technology at work, but needed something for his home use. Eye-Link gladly provided Roger with a Davinci, which magnifies print materials, assists him in paying bills, reading mail, and in writing correspondences.

Result: Independently taking care of personal tasks

Pheak, University of Minnesota Student

After her desktop computer crashed and was no longer operable, Pheak was unable to use her Minnesota SSB-provided adaptive software. As a student at the University of Minnesota, she relies heavily on the software to assist in reading assignments and writing papers. Eye-Link was happy to provide her with a new, better equipped desktop computer so she can complete her degree.

Result: Ability to freely pursue education

David, Luverne, MN

When David needed to travel or run errands, he needed a sighted companion. When David needed to complete a simple, important task like getting groceries, he relied on a sighted companion to assist him in getting to and from his destination. Eye-Link provided David with the Trekker Breeze, a GPS-enabled device which guides him by voice to and from his destination.

Result: Increased independent mobility